close up magic

Close-up/Strolling magic is the perfect addition to any event. Mark will mingle throughout the crowd, performing unbelievable feats of close-up magic right in your guests’ hands. Shouts of laughter and amazement will echo through the venue, causing an exciting buzz throughout the party. Whether standing or sitting, guests can experience this unique entertainment first hand. They’ll be talking about your event long after it ends!

Close-up magic is the art of creating illusions just a few inches below your eyes. In general it runs with small objects, which usually fit in your pocket, like coins, rings, pens, banknotes, cards, cell phone… Or with objects of medium size such as glasses or bottles for example.

During Mark’s shows, spectators’ items will vanish, reappear or even float and their minds will be blown when he tells them exactly what they are thinking. Every routine is quick, powerful, and extremely visual. From world class mentalism effects, to sleight-of-hand miracles, your guests will see what real magic feels like.

Each one of your guests has the opportunity to be part of the show, or just watch as their minds are blown. If you are are looking for a way to elevate your next event, contact Mark today!

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